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Smart Verify

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Smart verification is a unique way to ensure transparency between the physician and patient while in a telemedicine process. Once the telemedicine process is triggered, our solution starts the recognition of the doctor on the other side. And the result is channelled to the patient who is receiving the cure. By this way the patients are attracted towards telemedicine and inturn promotes technology development in health sector. Telemedicine has been said to “have the potential to extend the human touch and transform the way healthcare is delivered so everyone can have the access to proper, affordable and convenient health care”. Our solution plays major role in crusading Telepathology and Teleradiology departments by which nonvisual method of treatments are carried out.
In a hospital scenario for a regular patient in a hospital tracking the medical history at right moment and minimum effort is tiresome. Our solution identifies and stacks the biometric traits of the patient in a safe location. When the patient seek medical support for the next time, he will be identified automatically and his medical history is briefed to the doctor.

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Case study

The Mid Day Meal Programme is the Government of India's flagship programme for achieving Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE).
Since the attendance was taken manually it was prone to manipulation. As the subsidies were linked to the number of students attending, the attendance was inflated undesirably. There was no means of auditing the data and irregular visits by authorities saw the program fail.

AIndra rose up to the challenge and delivered a perfect solution through its SmartAttendance Technology. A group photo of the students were taken and transmitted to a secure cloud server where the attendance was registered in the system. This data could then be used by the district officials for subsidy disbursal, rather than relying on manually collected data that was prone to manipulation.

Our Partners

Partners enable us to do extraordinary things.

Indo-US Science and Technology Forum

Tech Partner

The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF), established under an agreement between the Governments of India and the United States of America in March 2000, is an autonomous, not for profit society that promotes and catalyzes Indo-US bilateral collaborations in science, technology, engineering and biomedical research through substantive interaction among government, academia and industry. As a grant making organization, the principle objective of IUSSTF is to provide opportunities, to exchange ideas, information, skills and technologies, and to collaborate on scientific and technological endeavor of mutual interest that can translate the power of science for the benefit of mankind at large.

Indian Institute of Techonology Mandi

Research Partner

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (IIT Mandi) is the research partner for Aindra Systems and helps build its technology products.
IIT Mandi is an engineering and technology higher education institute, established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The IITs which are declared as "institutions of national importance", occupy an exalted position among the technical universities in India

Indian Institute of Techonology Madras

Research Partner

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is the research partner for Aindra Systems and helps build its technology products.
IIT Madras is an engineering and technology higher education institute, established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The IITs which are declared as "institutions of national importance", occupy an exalted position among the technical universities in India

Making A Learning Connection Ltd

Marketing Partner

Making A Learning Connection, our Marketing partner based out of New Zealand is taking our SmartAttendanceCampus product to the New Zealand and the Australian markets

Taipan Enterprises Limited

Marketing Partner

Taipan Enterprises, our Marketing partner based out of Hong Kong is taking our SmartAttendanceCampus product to the HK, Singapore, Malaysia and the Indonesian markets


Marketing Partner

Villgro, formerly known as Rural Innovations Network, is a Nonprofit organisation that focuses on spotting, mentoring and incubating innovations that have maximum potential to change lives, in Rural India. Founded by social entrepreneur Paul Basil, with the backing of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public and support of Rockefeller Foundation, Villgro began its journey in the year 2001 and has till date incubated over 43 innovations.

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Group Attendance is most efficient way to maintain attendance for any type of event/group using your android device (tablet or phone). It is an integrated attendance module which has ability to capture & upload group images. The students recognized in that image will be marked present, and rest as absent.

Taking attendance by the traditional manner of calling out names, is prone to proxy calls by other students. Such situations not only depict the teachers and the intuitionals in a bad light, but also open the institutions to potential legal challenges. Even existing automated solution like RFID do not eliminate the possibility of proxies. Smart Attendance, based on facial recognition technology, is a fool-proof solution. It automatically captures the facial images to mark attendance. Facial biometric identity cannot be shared, exchanged or lost by any individual.

All existing automated attendance solutions like RFID or Fingerprint scanning technology require dedicated hardware to operate. The dependance on a dedicated hardware brings challenges. Installing dedicated hardware at all locations where the solution is required, creates a situation of having to maintain the dedicated device and its related infrastructure. The SmartAttendance solution does not require any dedicated hardware. Users can use their own smartphone, install smart attendance and start using the solution.

The Total Cost of Ownership of existing automated attendance solutions is relatively high due to the fact that it requires installation of a dedicated hardware, related wiring, manual labour for installation and periodic service. All these elements contribute to making the cost of owning such solution extremely high. As a cloud based solution requiring no dedicated hardware, the SmartAttendance eliminates all the initial capital expenditure making it ideal for large scale deployments that would have required mulitple installations.

Taking attendance manually is a noncore and time consuming activity for any teacher. It takes the precious time of the teacher which could have been utilized for teaching. This becomes more tedious when this attendance data has to be marked on the Learning Management System. While this is the case of manual attendance marking, the automated attendance solutions can be used only sequentially. Either of the afore mentioned scenarios result in wastage of precious time. Using Smart Attendance, a solution that is capable of handling group attendance, a teacher can capture the image using a smartphone and the attendance of the entire class will be marked automatically. The attendance of the entire institution can be marked in less than 90 seconds.

The existing automated attendance solutions require installation of dedicated hardware, related wiring, manual labour for installation, and periodic servicing. Smart attendance, by comparision is a plug and play solution requiring none of the afore mentioned elements. Smart Attendance is a light application which is installed in the Android or iPhone just like any other mobile application and is ready to use.