Aindra is one of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence based Start-ups in India creating Computer-Vision(CV) and Machine-Learning(ML) based products, and incubated in Start-up Chile, one of the World’s top Accelerators for the most disruptive Global Start-ups.

Our AI, CV & ML powered platform enables Insurance, FinTech and Logistics companies to leverage visual analytics on their existing images/videos collected from real-life scenarios for automated risk-profiling, damage-estimation etc of insurable assets.

CV & ML powered Identity-and-Fraud-Management solution is a platform robust enough to process Facial images captured by any low-cost photo-capturing device like smartphone, IP-camera etc. The solution is currently used for tracking and monitoring more than 6000 on-the-field users (Sales & Service delivery managers) at their meeting venues with clients. This brings payment disciplines and stronger governance in organizations by saving 10-15% cost on average from fund leakages due to corruption.

We would also love to hear what is new on your plate and explore every possibility to work together synergistically. 

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