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AIndra is proud to be selected among the top 10 Artificial Intelligence based start-ups in India                                                                                                                                                AIndra is selected for Start-up Chile, one of the World's top 5 Accelerator Programs for disruptive Global Start-ups


Mobile Visual Identification And Recognition System

Drishti , our patent pending technology based on Artificial Intelligence, provides handheld devices with inbuilt cameras like smartphones, tablets and laptops, the ability to detect and identify people.

Images that are captured using these devices and sent to our cloud based server are then processed by our intelligent algorithms to detect and identify objects. Subsequently useful data visualizations are generated for relevant stakeholders in an organization, all in a matter of seconds. With the ability to also gather demographic data, our system has the ability to generate contextual data that can then be consumed by Marketers. Our algorithms are built to work with video streams as well, thereby allowing a degree of flexibility when it comes to leveraging existing infrastructure.

With the following characteristics, Drishti provides Enterprises, enough reasons to look forward to gaining from the unique strengths of the platform


Highly Scalable

No Dedicated Hardware

Multi - Tenant Platform

Why Drishti?

To initiate and promote a deep,positive and purposeful engagement, it becomes imperative to Identify and Recognize people who are critical stakeholders in any Business. It could be your valued Customers, your Employees or your Users. It was this thought that gave genesis to Drishti, our patent pending Mobile Visual Identification and Recognition System

Today, though one can do more productive work, time is wasted on simple and mundane tasks. Anything that involves the tiresome task of looking, identifying and registering, Drishti can complete the task in a few seconds giving you more time to spend productively on core activities


Track and monitor your on-field employees presence at intended location and time

Use a solution that is Hardware - agnostic, and is capable of multi-point deployment

Use a solution that is capable of capturing single person attendance or group attendance


Use an Automated student attendance management system

A Biometric, proxy-free attendance management system

A solution that is easy to integrate into incumbent ERP solutions

Health care

Use the solution as an adjunct to your existing patient ID systems

Verify your referral doctors and/or remote doctors

Ensure only intended patients turn up at your referral sites


Dristhi at work


The SmartAttendanceSME helps SME's introduce a unified attendance system to track and monitor both in-office and on-field employees.

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The SmartAttendanceCampus helps educators save 90% of their time taken for roll-calling attendance and consequently updating the School ERP system.

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The SmartVerifyHealth helps healthcare organizations ensure that the intended people are providing and receiving the appropriate treatment.

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Prospective Industries

Applications in various sectors that can be built using Drishti.

Tele Medicine

Patients can be assured that the specialist doctors that they are paying for, are indeed the ones who are diagnosing them and signing off their reports

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Textile Industry

We believe that mundane tasks on the manufacturing floor ought to be replaced by intelligent and adaptive machines, freeing up people to take up more value adding jobs

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Heatmaps could help you transform your understanding of your customers within your stores. Better customer understanding leading to better customer service leading to happy customers

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About Us

"Great companies are not born great, they grow great"

At AIndra Systems, we believe we can address problems of a huge magnitude with the aid of deep technology. To realise this vision, we create products in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and specifically in the area of Computer Vision, an area that we have been fascinated with.

Based out of Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, we have been fascinated with the world of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. We believe we are at an inflection point in time, where a lot of converging factors allow for the creation of interesting products that solve interesting problems. Together with a smart team and some fantastic people guiding us, we aim to build a cool start-up, working on solving some high-impact problems with the help of deep technology. We believe now is the time to democratise access to solutions that require deep technology.

It was one such thought that led to the development of "Drishti - the Mobile Visual Identification and Recognition System".

Our Story

Back in mid 2012, we were posed a challenge. To find a solution to subsidy leakage occurring in Rural Indian schools which were part of the Mid-Day meals program, that was commissioned by the Government of India.

The problem required a deep understanding of the ground realities and the solutions that were available. After a deep study, we built an early prototype of our now existing product that relies on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. This was the genesis of our fascination with the domain and the trigger for us to look at problems that could be solved with these technologies


Core Team

People behind the vision

Adarsh Natarajan

CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur, Dreamer

Armed with an experience of more than a decade in multiple companies across various geographies and a MBA from IIM Bangalore, Adarsh took the Entrepreneurial plunge. His passion in leveraging deep tech to solve hard human problems, saw him starting Aindra Systems
Keenly interested in Entrepreneurship, he is closely associated with the Entrepreneurial ecosystem through various forums like the Startup Leadership Program, a global Entrepreneurship program for practicing Entrepreneurs. He is part of a closed group of Entrepreneurs, which experiments deeply in the areas of Customer Development using Lean methodologies
An avid reader and a fitness enthusiast, Adarsh also loves to travel and spend time with his family

Abhishek Mishra

Co-Founder & Head Business Development


A graduate from NIT, Jalandhar, Abhishek Mishra realized very early on that his passion lay in Sales & Marketing, Business, Entrepreneurship and Strategy. This passion helped Abhishek lead a team of 600 bright engineers and manage a budget of 2.7 million INR and quadruple it during his term as the Chief Student Convener of North India's second largest technical symposium, TechNiti .
Abhishek loves partying and can be seen in some of the coolest watering holes in Bangalore letting his hair down during weekends. A fitness freak, he cycles to work and is also a Gold medallist at swimming

Ritabrata Bhaumik (Rito)

Co-Founder and Partner


Rito is a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. He has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and finally took the plunge after two decades of enriching global experience in multiple top-tier MNCs. He founded another Start-up before joining AIndra Systems as Co-Founder and Partner. Rito believes people make all the difference in a venture and nurtures people to enable them to grow.
Rito is an avid follower of most sports, especially Football and has a sharp sense of humor. His latest love is long distance running.

Shivaram A

Consultant & Trainer


Founder of Gurukul Services Pvt. Ltd & IOJS.co.in, Mr. Shivaram has an immense experience of retail and his ongoing efforts in the field of retail training are quite interesting and innovative. He has good understanding of the challenges being faced by retail industry today and his unique idea of meeting them would surely bring about desired results.

Mentors & Advisors

Visionaries behind the team

Vijay Simha

CEO OneBreath Inc.

Business Thinker & Strategy Guru

CEO of OneBreath Inc, FICCI advisory council member, advisor to Omidyar Networks for the Healthcare vertical and mentor to healthcare focussed start-ups, are some of the roles that Mr. VijaySimha essays. Vijay, as he is fondly called, is considered one of the most knowledgeable people in India in the Medical Devices domain. As a mentor and advisor, he brings in a strategic viewpoint to our directions
Vijay is currently working on healthcare solutions that serve the primary and secondary healthcare entities, specifically in the emerging economies. His company, OneBreath Inc is developing a low cost portable ventilators that can be positioned in primary healthcare centres

ThiyagaRajan M

Innovation Leader, Intuit

Serial Entrepreneur

Blessed with a sharp analytical mind, Rajan,as Thiyagarajan is fondly known as,has deep knowledge of the software products space in India. His uncanny ability to see through some of the pitfalls that Tech start-up Entrepreneurs in India could potentially land up in, has helped many startups pivot.
Rajan is currently the Innovation Leader in Intuit, where he helps engineers do grass root innovation to foster Intrapreneurship. An ex-entrepreneur himself, he founded Motvik, a company that built successful global mobile apps & products.
Rajan is amongst one of the few Lean startup practitioners in India. He is also a Fellow at iSPIRT a Not-for-profit community contributing to the vision of building India as a Product Nation.

Dr. Anil Kumar Sao

Chairperson, SCEE IIT Mandi

Computer Vision Expert

Dr. Anil is the chairperson of the School of Computing and Electrical Engineering at IIT, Mandi. He is a MS and PhD from IIT Madras. His areas of expertise and research are in Computer Vision, image processing and pattern recognition, sparse representation of image and speech.
Dr. Anil Sao's in-depth knowledge in the domain of Computer Vision makes him an ideal technical advisor to Aindra Systems. He has been closely involved in building our patent pending technology by guiding our technical team

Our Partners

Partners enable us to do extraordinary things.

Indo-US Science and Technology Forum

Tech Partner

The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF), established under an agreement between the Governments of India and the United States of America in March 2000, is an autonomous, not for profit society that promotes and catalyzes Indo-US bilateral collaborations in science, technology, engineering and biomedical research through substantive interaction among government, academia and industry. As a grant making organization, the principle objective of IUSSTF is to provide opportunities, to exchange ideas, information, skills and technologies, and to collaborate on scientific and technological endeavor of mutual interest that can translate the power of science for the benefit of mankind at large.

Indian Institute of Techonology Mandi

Research Partner

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (IIT Mandi) is the research partner for Aindra Systems and helps build its technology products.
IIT Mandi is an engineering and technology higher education institute, established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The IITs which are declared as "institutions of national importance", occupy an exalted position among the technical universities in India

Indian Institute of Techonology Madras

Research Partner

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is the research partner for Aindra Systems and helps build its technology products.
IIT Madras is an engineering and technology higher education institute, established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The IITs which are declared as "institutions of national importance", occupy an exalted position among the technical universities in India

Making A Learning Connection Ltd

Marketing Partner

Making A Learning Connection, our Marketing partner based out of New Zealand is taking our SmartAttendanceCampus product to the New Zealand and the Australian markets

Taipan Enterprises Limited

Marketing Partner

Taipan Enterprises, our Marketing partner based out of Hong Kong is taking our SmartAttendanceCampus product to the HK, Singapore, Malaysia and the Indonesian markets


Marketing Partner

Villgro, formerly known as Rural Innovations Network, is a Nonprofit organisation that focuses on spotting, mentoring and incubating innovations that have maximum potential to change lives, in Rural India. Founded by social entrepreneur Paul Basil, with the backing of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public and support of Rockefeller Foundation, Villgro began its journey in the year 2001 and has till date incubated over 43 innovations.

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For fledgling industries like Telemedicine, trust reposed by patients on the telemedicine service provider is paramount. This could be the most important factor in the growth and proliferation of this mode of healthcare service delivery. Trust becomes all the more important when Telemedicine service providers charge a premium for access to world-class clinical experts. When this is the case, it is only but fair that patients demand to be treated by the clinical expert for whom they are paying a premium. This demand become all the more acute when the patient has no means of actually 'seeing' the clinical expert for cases like Telepathology and Teleradiology.
This demands a verification system that prevents masquerading and is fool-proof.

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Cost advantages in the textile manufacturing industry are now getting eroded in the so called low-cost destinations. This is putting enormous pressure on existing organizations to innovate just to remain competitive. In this era, innovations on the shop floor that automates mundane activities provides a means to reducing the cost of production by a great extent while also providing other well known benefits of automation. It is our endeavor to usher in adaptive and intelligent automation to help reduce the pressure for the textile manufacturers.

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The holy grail for retailers has been to understand each and everyone of its customers. The new age customers demand a level of attention and service that has never been seen before. This constant demand for higher levels of customer experience will be only possible with a greater level of customer understanding. And it is here that technology can play a huge part. We can help retailers develop heat maps of their aisles and also understand their customer profiles better, all leading to enhanced customer experience.

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