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At Aindra, we are building a world where Clinical Pathology is Data driven, Fast and Patient focused.

About Us

Why? 5.8 billion people. That is the number of people on the planet who today, do not have access to a reliable and high quality healthcare. While inaccessibility is the problem facing the developing world, expensive machines and treatment methods are driving healthcare costs uncomfortably high in the developed countries. And we want to change this broken healthcare system.

We at Aindra, are a passionate bunch of technophiles. We’re trying to converge the best technologies to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, as it’s supposed to be. ‘Affordable healthcare solutions for all’ is our ethos.

How? At, Aindra Systems, our goal is to democratise access to quality healthcare, by using deep technology to realise our vision of accessible and affordable healthcare solutions.

As technology enthusiasts, we believe the impact of leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence in the right way, can deliver more smarter, quicker and reliable systems that will help overcome the existing challenges of the healthcare system.

What? Our AI platform Astra, is built to detect critical illnesses such as Cancer. Astra is a powerful platform that can be extended to build detection tools for a number of critical illnesses.

As the first beachhead, we have developed a point-of-care detection system for Cervical Cancer that is quick, affordable and accessible. CervAstra will enable women to walk-in to their nearest primary health center, get screened and walk out with their reports. It is that simple.

Our intelligent screening system CervAstra, tailwinds the development and striking benefits of computational pathology.

As a for-profit social enterprise, Aindra commits to reinvest a part of our profits to further our social mission.

Our Technology
Faster diagnosis

Faster diagnosis

Why AI? The biggest reason is because today, multiple factors have converged to create an environment where AI can make discoveries and judgments leading to faster and more accurate diagnoses than humans can perform. It significantly reduces the turnaround time for reports and also enables pathologists to look at only the relevant data.

Farther outreach

Farther outreach

Healthcare Inclusion. Diagnostic centers are concentrated in the larger cities, whereas most of the population resides in smaller cities or villages. Our compact systems are portable that can be carried to the point- of care. Our technology enables the healthcare system to extend itself into the far reaches of any country.

Increased throughput

Increased throughput

Fatigued and limited pathologists, cause a delay in reports, and increase the number of misdiagnoses leading to enormous social & economic costs. There is also an shortage of specialists at many medical institutions. There is a need for an AI imaging diagnosis support system that can interpret images, detect small lesions that even specialists could miss. AI eliminates the grunt work of looking at 80% normal samples.

Feedback learning

Feedback learning

Through intelligent architecting of the system, the AI algorithms are continuously learning from human intervention when Pathologists either confirm or reject the findings of the algorithms. These are then automatically redirected back as feedback, to build even better Deep Learning models. If data is the life blood of any Deep Learning system, our system ensures that there is a constant supply of supervised data that goes into building better models.

cervastra-logo-red Our Solutions

One woman dies every 2 minutes globally due to Cervical Cancer. Currently, there exists no reliable, smart and fast solution for the screening of Cervical Cancer in all developing nations. Although cervical cancer has a higher gestation period, due to lack of affordable and accessible screening tests, the count of women detected with Cervical Cancer is rising and so is the mortality.

CervAstra, our first product to detect Cervical Cancer is built using ASTRA, our Computational Pathology platform. CervAstra analyzes pap smear samples at the Point-of-Care to call out Normal or Abnormal all in under a few hours as opposed to a larger turnaround time of a few weeks depending on the location of sample collection.

Our Products Our Solutions

In our bid to fight morbidity and mortality due to cervical cancer, we have developed an advanced AI powered Cervical Cancer Detection System to facilitate early diagnosis. This system is a suite of 3 products which work cohesively to obtain quick and accurate test results.

Our Partners
Medical Partner

A member of Union for International Cancer Control and recognized by WHO.


34 years of experience, Metropolis has earned the reputation of being top pathology labs.


Rajarajeshwaria Medical College and Hospital


KMC Manipal


IIT M is one among the foremost institutes of national importance in higher technological education, basic and applied research.


One of the eight new IITs established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.


IISc is university for research and higher education in science, engineering, design, and management.


Armed with an experience of more than a decade in multiple companies across various geographies and a MBA from IIM Bangalore, Adarsh took the Entrepreneurial plunge. His passion in leveraging deep tech to solve hard human problems, saw him starting Aindra Systems. Keenly interested in Entrepreneurship, he is closely associated with the Entrepreneurial ecosystem through various forums like the Startup Leadership Program, a global Entrepreneurship program for practicing Entrepreneurs. He is part of a closed group of Entrepreneurs, which experiments deeply in the areas of Customer Development using Lean methodologies.

When not innovating on new products, Adarsh is smashing it at a game of shuttle. He also loves traveling with his family.

A Startup and Product Enthusiast, she enjoys the hustle of creating and building great products for healthcare that are ground breaking and impactful. A Biomedical Engineer by training, she has been a part of building various healthcare solutions from doctor search platforms to mobile glucose monitoring devices. She helps build requirements for the products and project manages delivery timelines. She believes thinking first principles is key to great innovations.

When not building products, you’ll find her stroking her brush on a canvas.

Hari believes in the capability of technology to have a positive effect on us, society and nature. He strives to be an agent for this impact and work on problems that have potential. BTech in Electronics and Communication engineering from Govt Engineering College, Thrissur [Calicut University] and ME in System Science and Automation from Dept of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science.

When not “deeply” immersed into building complex networks, he likes taking off to the himalayas for a hike.

Deepa comes with more than a decade of experience in the Healthcare domain. She is adept in operations management, business development, external stakeholder management, and revenue cycle management. Applying this in-depth knowledge and understanding about the market.

she aims at improving brand presence and awareness by identifying business opportunities by researching prospects, evaluating their position in the industry and analyzing sales options.

Industrial Designer from NID Ahmedabad having 12+ years of experience in diverse field product design including in automobiles and medical devices. His diverse experience surfaced during his design process when he had to achieve a perfect balance between utility, functionality, aesthetic with the ability to translate all these aspects into a manufacturable product.

He believes in ergonomic and user driven designs to achieve everlasting product experience instead of emphasizing solely on physical aesthetics or part designing.

When not ideating great designs, he loves watching documentaries and listening to some great Qawwali music.

A Tech and robotics enthusiast, and a mechanical design engineer by passion, Chaitanya has completed his graduation from BMS College of Engineering. He loves to explore logic and reasoning behind all kinds of mechanisms as he strongly believes that they are the key to providing innovative solutions to modern problems.

At Aindra he is currently exploring his skills and interests in Product design and development. As a fresher, he is always curious and passionate about learning new technologies.

When he is not exploring new technologies you can find him exploring nature in peaceful treks and capturing it with the stroke of his pencil.

Abhay has graduation in physics from University of Delhi and has worked on various projects like Brain computer interface, Skill training simulators and simulation to real Artificial Intelligence in Tata Consultancy Services.

He has completed Master's in Computer Application from Sastra University. He wants to work on intelligent systems using AI and Embedded Systems.

Mounika has 1+ years of experience in Front-end & Backend web frameworks, programming languages, databases, servers and other technologies to turn an idea into a final product.

Srinivas V brings with him a vast experience of concept selling in the Healthcare domain where he has helped rollout Hospital Management Systems across various Hospitals. Has cross-domain experience which includes, agriculture, finance, education and human resources apart from healthcare.

Has donned the hat of an entrepreneur for close to 2 decades and has also worked in the start-up space for the last 10 years.

Uses spare time conducting motivational classes at professional institutions, mentors and coaches individuals for achieving personal excellence in their lives and career.

Having completed his Engineering degree in Information Science from Visveshwaraya Technological University,

Atul has been handling the validation work for the Aindra - IS family of products and Digital marketing.

When not exploring the market, he loves to hit the road and enjoy long rides through the countrysides.

Palani has 2 years of experience in IT Software Development and Operations for multiple roles.

Developer in web application and Edge Device Application with handling all the work of databases, Servers,systems Engineering. Depending on the project,What customers need may be a full stack Developer.


With over 30 years of experience into Onco Pathology, Dr.Vani has been instrumental in leading the research and Validation activities at AIndra. She has been closely associated with the AIndra team with valuable feedbacks for CervAstra

Kristian Olson is the Director of the Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech). He is both a Pediatrician and Internist and also serves as a Clinician Educator at the Massachusetts General Hospital and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. He has worked in Darfur, Indonesia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and India, is a serial innovator and one of the architects of the CAMTech Innovation platform. He completed an undergraduate degree in biology at the University of British Columbia, medical school at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and his residency training in the Combined Harvard Medicine and Pediatrics Program. He trained in the Masters of Public Health program at the University of Sydney as a US Fulbright Scholar and completed a Diploma in Tropical Medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2003. In 2009, he was named to the Scientific American Top 10 Honor Roll as an individual who has demonstrated leadership in applying new technologies and biomedical discoveries for the benefit of humanity.

Dr. Malathi has a rich experience of over 40 years in the field of Oncopathology and is the Principal Investigator for Aindra's Clinical Validations. She has rendered immense support and feedback for Aindra's Cervical Cancer screening tool CervAstra.

Arun is passionate about product development with a focus on user experience, social impact, cost innovation and extreme affordability. He has spent a couple of decades in the US, in research as well as technical leadership in varied fields like microporous polymers, fuel-cell materials and design, physiological sensors materials before converging on designing innovative, affordable and sustainable products. He is now Chief Technology Officer at Villgro.

CEO of OneBreath Inc, FICCI advisory council member, advisor to Omidyar Networks for the Healthcare vertical and mentor to healthcare focussed start-ups, are some of the roles that Mr. VijaySimha essays. Vijay, as he is fondly called, is considered one of the most knowledgeable people in India in the Medical Devices domain. As a mentor and advisor, he brings in a strategic viewpoint to our directions

Vijay is currently working on healthcare solutions that serve the primary and secondary healthcare entities, specifically in the emerging economies. His company, OneBreath Inc is developing a low cost portable ventilators that can be positioned in primary healthcare centres

Bhushan has a rich 30+years of experience of mentoring startups. He has also started various successful ventures. Mr. K. C. Bhushan co-founded Fundtech India Ltd. in 1994 and serves as its Director. Mr. Bhushan has flexibility to undertaking various strategic roles in support of business development, operations and client support functions. He recognized an increasing demand for more flexible service applications and in support of this delivered its flagship CashIn product suite via an ASP and Service Bureau business model. Prior to joining Fundtech India Ltd., Mr. Bhushan worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers' IT consulting division in Asia Pacific. Prior to that he was with one of India’s largest public sector IT companies, CMC Limited. There he was involved in the design and development of India's first online equities trading solution that was delivered for the Over-the-Counter Exchange of India (India's equivalent of the NASDAQ), India's first online exchange. Mr. Bhushan holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a Bachelors degree in Electronics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Aditya is an accomplished individual with 35 years of experience in distribution and marketing of sophisticated medical equipment and devices. He has successfully worked with several well-known global companies for India and overseas market. He is CEO of Chimco Bio Medical Engineering Co. Mumbai Aditya is ambitious businessman and spends lot of time in understanding the new businesses. He is passionate about inspiring and motivating start-ups and entrepreneurs through creative ideas. He enjoys travelling, is also a motivational speaker and practices Zen meditation.

Dr.Shanti is a part of the faculty at IIT-Madras. She has been a great advisor and mentor in the development of the image acquisition device.

Her Research Interests are:
  • Diffractive Optics
  • Fibre Interferometry
  • Optical MEMS

Dr. Anil is the chairperson of the School of Computing and Electrical Engineering at IIT, Mandi. He is a MS and PhD from IIT Madras. His areas of expertise and research are in Computer Vision, image processing and pattern recognition, sparse representation of image and speech.

Dr. Anil Sao's in-depth knowledge in the domain of Computer Vision makes him an ideal technical advisor to Aindra Systems. He has been closely involved in building our patent pending technology by guiding our technical team

Blessed with a sharp analytical mind, Rajan,as Thiyagarajan is fondly known as, has deep knowledge of the software products space in India. His uncanny ability to see through some of the pitfalls that Tech start-up Entrepreneurs in India could potentially land up in, has helped many startups pivot.

Rajan is currently the Innovation Leader in Intuit, where he helps engineers do grass root innovation to foster Intrapreneurship. An ex-entrepreneur himself, he founded Motvik, a company that built successful global mobile apps & products. Rajan is amongst one of the few Lean startup practitioners in India. He is also a Fellow at iSPIRT a Not-for-profit community contributing to the vision of building India as a Product Nation.

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